Purchase and lease of Thai properties-

Phuket: Tropical paradise island

The Phuket Real Estate Guide 2021 has been carefully edited to provide a concise, unbiased "easy to read" entry to the Thai real estate industry, with a focus on Phuket.

While many people are just looking for homes in the sun, research shows that the vast majority of Phuket properties are looking to buy from investors who are getting higher returns. As with Qian He Investment, it is very important to understand the market. This includes understanding the complexities and basic principles associated with buying a property in Thailand before investing any money.

This report is designed to help these investors (and anyone looking for a home) make more informed decisions in the Phuket real estate market when buying a new home or investing in the sun.

Thailand is an attractive place for real estate investment. Not only is it a picturesque country, but the low transaction cost tax on rental income is the lowest in the world. Equipped with the right information will help you find the right Phuket property for you.

By highlighting how current market conditions affect and attract foreign buyers, the guide is designed to help discerning investors construct a better overall picture of the housing markets in Phuket and Thailand. The guide also checked out The main handbook of the Phuket real estate market and how each method affects purchasing decisions.

Great attention has been paid to the legality of foreign property ownership in Thailand, which is crucial knowledge for foreigners considering buying property. We would like to thank Dueensing Kippen Lloyd and the International Legal Office (ILO) for their contributions to the depth and accuracy of the legal information in this guide.

Whether you're looking for a property investment opportunity or a home away from home, we hope this guide can help you make the best and smartest decision.

We hope you will find this island paradise as tempting as we are.


The content of this article has been written or confirmed by two of the most respected law firms of Phuket foreign counsel under the Constitution of Thailand to assist us in completing the relevant parts of this Property Guide.

Founded in Phuket in 1995, the International Legal Office Ludong Beach Limited (ILO) has been providing professional legal services to foreign companies and individuals living and working in Thailand for more than two decades. The ILO specializes in business, tax, immigration, family and real estate law and is often required to negotiate contracts and dispute resolution, as well as resolve disputes and act as an intermediary in client matters.

Mr. Friedrich "Sam" Fauma is a director, senior partner and foreign advisor to LO. All legal requirements contained herein have been obtained

Confirmation by the International Labour Organisation and its authorized Thai lawyers, including Mr Mongkol Ruengwutchanapuech (LL.M. (Honours), LL.M. (NSW)). Editors proudly list the ILO as a major contributor to the Phuket Property Guide.


DUENSINGKIPPEN is an international law firm focused on commercial transactions and dispute resolution matters, with offices in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand, as well as affiliated offices in 45 other countries. OlafDuensing has been a consultant in Thailand since 2001. He is licensed

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